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Beautiful HOLOGRAPHIC HAIR and Its Ugly Truth


Holographic Hair  this Summers hot Trend and the truth you will need to know. Holographic hair, despite its flair and beauty, comes along with some ugly truth. Trends in beauty are just like trends in fashion one size does not fit all. Although one may love every person they see in a pair of Harem pants, the moment you go out and try a pair on you realize, (sighs) its just not you. This trend is surely not for everyone and hell it is not even for all hair stylists to perform. In the same breath you can always tweak this trend to customize it to your personality, for instance, doing a darker version! So lets talk about what you need to know before jumping on this train.




  1. If you are blonde already then you are golden, this trend is best suited for you!
  2. In order to have something like this top photo you need to have WHITE/PLATINUM hair. Already cutting off about 50% (realistically more) of people from really ever achieving this look. A good example to understand why its important to have white hair for this trend is think of it as a canvas already painted with yellow paint when you go to put a pastel color on top of yellow paint it is not going to be that pretty pastel color you picked out. But on top of a white canvas that color will stay true to tone.
  3. Creating platinum hair will cost you time, money, and possibly some inches of your length again depending on your hair color and history. The darker your hair color is naturally the more sessions you will need to achieve this look. It will require more time, and ultimately cost you more money.
  4. This color will be higher maintenance! In a lot of cases this color will require more frequent visits and in some cases the color may only last for 2 weeks. Of course you will still be blonde but even being blonde will require you to have your roots maintained every 2 to 4 weeks. These light pastels tend to fade very fast!holographichairuglytruth10
  5. Be prepared for hours in the salon. This will take more than one process if you are not already platinum blonde and for the brunettes it could take more than a few appointments.
  6. If you are brunette and darker be prepared to possibly not get the results you want and some possible breakage/drier hair. Remember what Kim K hair looked like when she first went blonde? Yellloooooow! She had to leave it, shortly after having another blonding session and then she was platinum. Then she cut a lot of length off obviously from the damage. Also lets not forget she then soon went back dark in a matter of weeks because she couldn’t do the maintenance.  But you must be willing to loose some length.holographichairuglytruth9

So now that I have prepared you if you are looking to get this look exactly I would find a stylist near you that is comfortable with blonding and get the process started. If you are thinking that this way too much for you or have darker hair and know its going to be a harder process to achieve. Some fun options for you to still be apart of this fun new holographic hair trend might be

  1. Do a darker version.holographichairuglytruth6
  2. Purchase some blonde human hair extension clip ins or tape ins and have a stylist color those for you and pop those babies in.
  3. Just do a section or a couple of sections in your hair. This will be easier to get all white in a shorter time and less to worry about damage. holographichairuglytruth8.jpgholographichairuglytruth


Okay Beauty Bees I hope this gave you some insight on this beautiful but taxing Holographic Hair Trend! Let me know what you think of this trend, if you already have it what was your experience?! Comment Below!

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Mood Ring Hair Color!!

HAIR COLOR THAT CHANGES COLOR RIGHT BEFORE OUR EYES….INSANE!!!  This is probably one of the coolest things I have seen.  Also considering chemist Lauren Bowker just happen to create this in her lab after watching the movie The Craft. After being inspired by the scene where an actress runs her hands thru her hair and it changes color…BAM Fire was born. As a working hair stylist I see women changing their hair color constantly so how cool is the idea to have a hair color that will be constantly changing!!!! How does it work you ask? This hair color has a special pigment in it that reacts to hot and cold temperatures. So your hair will be completely different indoors to outdoors and Summer to Winter!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This color line was debuted this year at London’s fashion week not yet available to the public. She now has come up with a variety of colors including a grey/silver that turns pastel pink with heat and a White that turns Pale Blue when cold! NOT only has she come up with this ground breaking color line, she now has a LUNA color that is a black that changes to white gradually thru the moon phases!!!!!!!! Your hair would change lighter and lighter the closer to a full moon and then white at the peak! AMAZING! This is a huge feat in the hair world taking someone from black hair to platinum so to have a color that will constantly be changing between the two (insert skull face)! I absolutely love this idea and I’m blown away by science. Seeing is believing so I’m excited to get my hands on these colors when they become available. As of right now we have to wait patiently while Lauren Bowker works on bringing this product to the public. Here is a link to her website and you can also stay updated by following her on instagram @theunseenalchemist.

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For all my long hair don’t care girls… “I know my ends are soooooo bad but I really only want an 1/8th of an inch off”… you will love this new tool! Believe me I have been here myself wanting to grasp onto straw like ends haha. Truth is this is what your hair looks likesplit-ends-hannah-bee-beauty13

wah wah wahhhhhhhh


The other problem I see as a hairstylist is in some cases the longer one waits to cut their split ends off the higher the splitting goes up the hair shaft and at some point takes over the whole head like depicted below.


So I am excited about sharing this new tool with you because for cases like these this tool could really help!


Split-Ender Pro was created by Victor C. Talavera who does not seem to be an actual hairstylist but instead created this product out of his compulsive need to trim his own split ends, when he had long hair. The picture below of him with long hair isssssss priceless!

But in all seriousness this product does intrigue me when looking at the tool and how it works, it makes sense how this would be beneficial for a lot of my clients. So lets get down to the mechanics of the tool.



Inside this tool there are blades that are trimming either 1/4inch or 1/8 inch off the split ends depending on the guard you choose. The first time you are having this done you need to do 1/4inch guard to ensure all split ends are cut properly. Then 4 weeks you will come in for another treatment which will be 1/8 inch trim. The  treatment will be done on dry, clean, product free hair. The Split Ender is run through the hair similar to how you would flat iron your hair.

As you slide down the hair those ends that are sticking out are getting snipped and collected in the hair chamber. Each section you will do 3 passes from top to bottom and you should be able to feel the hair smoother and silkier after the 3rd pass.



What I love is that this will snip those split ends and not cut the length! Although you still need to get a regular cut every 6-8 weeks. But for my clients really trying to grow their hair this can be done at 4 weeks after a cut and then 4 weeks again during your 8 week cut. Ultimately continuing these treatments in the long run would make your hair shiner, healthier, frizz-free, faster growing hair.


I am very intrigued by this tool. How many of you would have your stylist try this tool out on you?!

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Sleigh the Holidays with These Hot Trends!

Sleigh your Holiday parties with these bold fall/winter Trends! I must say these looks are def bold and exciting. A little confidence is all that’s needed! Lets start with the most shocking of bunch the trending red eye shadow. This one goes against the grain a bit, its basically an unwritten rule to avoid red around the eyes because it could easily make you look sickly or draw unwanted attention to redness like blemishes. That being said this could easily get you on santa’s naughty list.  So here are some of my favorite red eye shadow looks done right!

Try this look using a deeper red and dark browns to reinvent the traditional smokey eye!




For a more wearable everyday look try a lighter red that’s more pinky. I love this look especially for my beauties with blue or green eyes that will make those babies POP!



I tossed this one in too because I love the gold touch to the brows!


If you’re not feelin the red eye shadow you can always try a bold red eyeliner for a more subtle look. As if red on your eyes could ever be subtle but you know what I mean!



Next up dazzle people with glitter lips! I am personally drawn more to the dark, plum and red glitter lips so I have picked out a few of my favorites. Be on the lookout for my tutorial on the how to recreate glitter lips. You will need loose sparkles, lipstick, lip gloss and makeup brush for applying the glitter. They do have full kits available at Sephora that will supply you with everything you need.

This is one of my favorites, def everyday wearable!






This scream holiday decorations!


Looking for a hairstyle for a party or gathering try this top knot faux bangs!!




Want a tutorial on how to faux bangs?! let me know in the comments below!

Last but not least sleigh the holidays tip for your hair. Try the newest gem colored trend Tigers Eye which consists of rich browns and golden highlights! First for my curly hair ladies!



A little RiRi of Course




Be Sure to Sleigh the Holidays with these hot beauty trends! Lets see your holiday look using #sleightheholidays ! As always thank you Like share subscribe! Love to hear if you have tried any of these trends yet!









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Coconut Chocolate and Raspberries for BREAKFAST!

chocolate raspberry coconut hannah bee beauty4.JPG

My new favorite breakfast consists of Coconut Chocolate and Raspberries YESSSSS! Are you ready for the best part its so super fast to make!!!!!! You start with overnight oats before you go to bed and in the morning you make the raspberry sauce with takes all of 5 minutes! I have three young boys and run my own business so I absolutely love things that are healthy, fast, and most important taste amazing! I am such a foodie at my core so my biggest concern when I started on a path of eating for beauty was that I did not want to sacrifice my love for amazing food! So I admit I scour the internet for recipes like these, this one I found on one of my favorite blogs and did a little revising for my own liking!

chocolate raspberry coconut hannah bee beauty2.JPG

Coconut Chocolate Raspberry Breakfast Parfait


Vegan, gluten-free, no bake/raw, soy-free

Serves 4
Soak time
2 hours or overnight
Prep Time
20 Minutes
Cook time
10 Minutes


For the Raspberry Chia Seed Jam (makes 1 cup):
  • 1 (300 g/10 oz) bag frozen raspberries I love trader joes!
  • 2 tablespoons (20 g) chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons (30 mL) pure maple syrup, or agave
  • 1 teaspoon (5 mL) pure vanilla extract or vanilla bean powder (optional)
For the Chocolate Overnight Oats (makes 3 cups):
  • 1 cup (100 g) gluten-free rolled oats
  • 1/3 cup (55 g) chia seeds
  • 2 to 3 tablespoons (30 to 45 mL) pure maple syrup or agave, to taste
  • 2 tablespoons (10 g) unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 1/2 cups (625 mL) unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tablespoons Almond Butter ( this is something I added)
For the topping:
  • Homemade Coconut Whipped Cream  or I used  So Delicious Coconut Whip*
  • Fresh or frozen raspberries
  • Sliced toasted almonds or hazelnuts


  1. For the Chocolate Overnight Oats: In a large container with a lid, whisk together the oats, chia seeds, maple syrup, and cocoa powder until combined. Add the milk, and whisk until no clumps of cocoa powder remain. Secure lid and let it sit on the counter for 2 to 3 minutes. After sitting briefly, shake the mixture (or stir) again to combine. This just helps prevent the chia seeds from clumping up. Chill in the fridge for a couple hours, or overnight.
  2. For the Raspberry Chia Seed Jam: Add the frozen raspberries, chia seeds, and maple syrup into a food processor to chop them up. Transfer from the food processor to a skillet.  Stir to combine. Cook uncovered over medium heat, stirring frequently, for about 7 to 9 minutes, until the raspberries break down. (It will still look a bit runny, but it will thicken as it cools.) Remove from heat and stir in the vanilla, if using, and additional maple syrup, if desired. Allow the jam to cool on the counter, uncovered, for about a half hour before covering and chilling in the fridge. (But I have also put it on warm which tastes great on the oats right from the fridge!)
  3. Prepare the Coconut Whipped Cream, or if using, thaw the store-bought coconut whipped cream in the fridge or on the counter. Store in the fridge until ready to use.
  4. When the chia jam and oats are ready, layer them into jars or bowls along with the coconut whipped cream. Add your desired toppings, and enjoy! The parfaits can be made in advance and enjoyed for a few days.


  • * To change up this recipe, feel free to swap the Coconut Whipped Cream for Banana Soft Serve.
  • Make it nut-free: Swap the almond milk for a nut-free non-dairy milk, and omit the nut topping.
  • adapted from ohsheglows blog


Hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I DO! Please comment below if you try it let me know your thoughts! Show support Like Share and Subscribe!



The Beauty Of Matcha

The Beauty OF.png

Hannah Bee Beauty  is here to drop the scoop on Matcha no pun intended ;).Matcha Green Tea is one of our top favorite Beauty secrets. I drink a cup of green tea a day and I love love love the results so much I decided to bee sweet and share it with everyone!.

Catechin Loaded a Ninja Antioxidant that Fights Cancer.png

Are you Forgetful at times? Do You Have Trouble Concentrating? Is your Focus Sometimes Lacking?

No Worries Match Green Tea Has you covered!

Studies have shown that Matcha Green Tea IMPROVES MEMORY AND BOOSTS CONCENTRATION, Its like natures NATURAL 6 hour energy!!!

Monks used to drink this to stay alert and calm during long hours practice and mediation. This is do to amino acid L-Theanine which aids in the production of Serotonin and Dopamine.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall does Matcha have Beauty in store for us all?

ABSOLUTELY! Matcha is jam packed with Antioxidants, those magical nutrients and enzymes responsible for combating the negative effects of UV radiation, giving us younger, smoother, healthier looking skin. Antioxidants are commonly sought after from such foods as blueberries, raw fruits, green veggies, and (my personal fave) dark chocolate. But Matcha Green Tea takes the crown, just one cup provides OVER 5X as many antioxidants as any other food, so you can literally drinking the wrinkles away.


The Health benefits of Matcha Green Tea don’t just stop at fighting premature aging, and boosting the powers of the mind, Matcha is also a Green Mean Fat Fighting Machine! Matcha Green Tea has been shown to increase metabolism and help the body burn fat at a rate 4X faster than Average! It boasts these results without the negative side affects of increased heart rates or high blood pressure like many of the leading diet aides on the market today.

Detox has often been a suggested prerequisite before beginning any weight loss program or prior to starting that new work out regimen.  Matcha Green Tea’s Vibrant Deep Green Color tells the tale of the plants storehouse of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is one of the active agents that aides Matcha Green Tea in naturally removing harmful metals and chemical toxins commonly found in the body due to smog, aerosols, and heavily sprayed produce.

Without a doubt, If beauty, health, and wellness is important to you should keep Matcha Green Tea in heavy rotation. Remember that all Matcha is not created equal, look for a vibrant green. If you would like a 30 day supply of Japanese Organically Grown Ceremonial Grade Matcha please email me at


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Beauts Toss Your Lash Glue and Make Way for MAGNETIC LASHES!





Magnetic Lashes are for all women who struggle with strip lashes getting your eyelids all gunked up and glued shut! We have all been there before struggling in the mirror trying to get both sides of a strip lash down without getting glue all over the rest of our perfected smokey eye! I love this idea One Two Lash has brought to the table! Magnetic Lashes why didn’t we think of it sooner?!  One Two Lash Offers 4 different styles of magnetic lashes to choose from ranging from $59-$69. They come in a cute housing box that they can catch zzzzz’s in while they are in between uses.


When it come to applying these lashes it just takes a couple time to get the hang of it. Starting with your top lash line you will pick up a bottom magnetic lash(which is marked by a red dot) and a top magnetic you are then going to sandwich your lashes between them. Check out this One Two Lash Magnetic Lash video to get a clearer picture of this process!


At the end of the night you just take your pointer finger and thumb press down on the lashes and slide them apart. I can’t wait to try these out I will be ordering the Bold style pictured below!bold-lash

Let ME know what style you are dying to try out?

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Pravana’s BLONDE WAND!!!!!



PRAVANA’S BLONDE WAND……I’M SO EXCITED TO GET MY HANDS ON ONE!!!! Pravana will release this express lightening system this October! Promising to lift up to 7 levels in just 10seconds (this is a serious feat). Not only is the blonde wand promising to take your brunette hair to blonde in seconds its also leaving the hair shaft in better condition than traditional highlighting! Is this real life??!!


This picture shows the two different highlighting processes up close and personal.


Needless to say you have my attention Pravana. So the process goes your stylist will place Pravanas Creme Lightener strategically on your hair and foiled. Then waving this magic wand that looks like a flat iron over each foil separately. Then off to the sink you go! Now waiting for its arrival to put it to the test and see if it lives up to its reputation!

Who’s excited to try this Blonde Wand on their own locks?   Comment Below and Please Bee Sweet Like, Share, Subscribe!


My 2016 Summer Faves!

Sharing Some of my Summer Faves with you!


  1. Color Proof Baobab Heal and Repair Shampoo and Conditioner LOVE LOVE LOVE this set. the smell is kinda like D&G light blue, its made of 70% Baobab and leaves the hair feelings stronger and  Ultra smooth.summer faves5
  2. GoPro Hero 4 Perfect for Capturing all the summer adventures!summer faves4
  3. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion  RED ALERT FOR MY BRIDAL PARTIES ESPECIALLY BRIDES! This is awesome if you are caught with breaking out the few days or night before your wedding or the day before an event as all too often happens. You dab this on the blemish with a q-tip at night and its like magic!summer faves 3
  4. Boga FitMat Floating Fitness and Yoga Mat  Ok so this ones more on my wish list since its $700 but still a awesome idea for the beach in Maldives, oh a girl can dream #bucketlist!summer faves 2
  5. Cats Got Cream Sunglasses I think the title speaks for itself also love the description on the website  “designer note – OUTFIT GAME CHANGER” 🙂 Summer faves
  6. Melanie Mills Hollywood Gleam Body Radiance   If your legs are out you must use this product! I put this lotion on was mesmerized by my sparkling skin. As if I were dipped in gold I couldn’t stop looking at my own skin. My advice would be to put it on basically in the house where you can be in underwear for the few minutes it takes to dry. This product says it does not transfer but I wore it on the beach and once you get sweaty I noticed it did transfer onto clothing, handbag, my magazine and even my 7 month old. With that being said it is basically a makeup that tans and gives you a golden glimmer. Not to be confused with a self tanner this will wash off in the pool or shower. The Golden rule a little goes a long way with this product rings true.  You can use this product head to toe which is awesome!
  7. Portable Hammock! I love Hammocks! Everyone should keep one in the back of their car so if the mood strikes them all the need to do is find two trees and chilllllll. Reconnecting with nature.summer faves 6So hope you all enjoy my 2016 summer faves! Share with me some of your summer favorites for this summer!  So Bee Sweet Like Subscribe and Share!

Waterfall Braided Ombre! New Color Technique!

Excited to share this waterfall braided ombre technique with you allllll! I had seen this technique shared thru my social media and then one of my favorite clients sent me this little gem too! I loveeeeee the idea of doing braids and skipping the traditional foils. Since ombre and balayage are still trending these techniques work amazing! You also can get more creative with this technique! So check out the video and comment below with what you think about Waterfall Braided Ombre! If you have any videos you’d like to see let me know!

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